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Unless otherwise stated to the contrary, Tour O Swiss must make sure that all information that is available on this webpage/website that is available to the user is not confidential or under a protection right. The user declares by entering information that he is properly authorized to make this information available. Because of the open nature of the Internet, Tour O Swiss recommends that no information by made available that the user must consider confidential.


Tour O Swiss is in no case liable, except in cases of fraud, for damages that arise from or in connection with the use of this website or its content. This applies regardless of the form of the claim and the question of whether this claim is on a confidential or non-confidential basis.Nevertheless, a liability remains in cases in which the applicable law (see below) prescribes a compulsory liability or permits no restriction of liability.


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Tour O Swiss retains the right to change these guidelines and form and content of this website at any time without prior information.

Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal data is very important to us and we want you to feel comfortable when visiting our sites. Our biggest concern is the protection of your privacy when processing personal data and we monitor this very closely in any business operations. 

Tour O Swiss respects the privacy of all customers and takes appropriate steps to process and transmit customer data in a confidential and secure manner. Protection of the confidentiality of these data is an important quality criterion for us. Within the framework of our services, we process  personal and confidential data about our customers and contract companies. These includes especially Personal information and booking information.

Tour O Swiss saves, processes and transfers the collected personal data of its customers only for fulfilling its own business purposes and for the purposes of carrying out contracts offered by or made with Tour O Swiss, including contracts entered into by Tour O Swiss with hotel or other business partners. Tour O Swiss does not make any other use of this information without your consent, unless your consent is not required under applicable law.
Your data is collected through the filling out of the application mask. With your registration you are agreeing to the processing and transference of your data according to these Privacy Statements.

We save the time at which you log in, as well as your activities, in order to be able to help you more quickly. We use this data anonymously for the improvement of our online offers. We are obligated to delete such collected data after 3 months at the latest.


Due to security reasons, payment is done only by invoice. Please do not send us any account data from your bank account or credit card data.

Zürich, July 2014