Concretizing ideas

by Markus Schenker

The organizing committee has undertaken important steps in preparing the 5th Tour O Swiss 2016 in Switzerland. Ideas for the stage cities have been concretized with local authorities and touristic partners. We are on the way to fix the corner stones of the touristic part of the 5th Tour O Swiss 2016. 

Contacts to local orienteering clubs have been established to secure a interesting orienteering program during the week. Within the organizing committee, Markus will be responsible for the competitions during 5th Tour O Swiss 2016.    

The Flyer is distributed worldwide to orienteering clubs and on international orienteering events. If you have any opportunities to distribute flyers in your area, please contact us. We will send you an appropriate amount of flyers as soon as possible. To optimize the marketing of the tour, we need contacts to editors of orienteering magazines and webmasters of orienteering websites. Please help us to establish such contacts.

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