Preparing Orienteering events

by Markus Schenker

5th Tour O Swiss includes 5 orienteering events (2x sprint, 2x long, 1x middle). All competition areas are defined and we prepare the rules for course setters and timekeepers. To guarantee high quality competitions, we prepare specific rules for course setters to follow during the course setting process. A minimal amount of different tracks has been defined and a list of permitted combinations of orienteering classes in one track has been established. Distances for each competition are calculated from previous results in the same or a similar forest. All competitions are ruled by the competition rules of Swiss Orienteering, and continuous support for all course setters by 5th Tour O Swiss 2016 will ensure good competitions.

Many interesting orienteering areas in Switzerland are situated near of natural heritage sites or protection zones for animals. In these cases, the authorities have to decide, if an event can be organized in this area or not. The middle event «Oeschinen» near Kandersteg is partly situated in a protected zone. The authorities have given us a special permission to use this terrain – be prepared for a fantastic mountain forest in a beautiful environment.

From now on, we will give each month an overview over one leg of our Tour. Stay tuned to discover beautiful landscapes, interesting touristic hotspots and interesting orienteering terrains!

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